Exxhibit Arts x Samy Benarroch // "Bonbon Romantique" - Los Angeles based Artist







Where are you from and what brought you to LA?

 I was born in Morocco, and grew up in Israel. I came to LA in 1980 after my best friend, photographer, Moshe Brakha suggested that I come join him. I worked with him for a while as his rep, and was also involved creatively.

When did you start painting? Any pivotal moment where you decided you wanted to focus on being an artist?

I have always been interested in art, and have focused on being creative all my life. I started drawing when I was a kid, I was involved in fashion, architecture and building modern houses. I reverted back to painting about 12 years ago because that was the creative outlet I needed.

Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

I find inspiration everywhere. Everywhere you look, you can find inspiration if you want to be creative. The lights, the colors, the people, other artists and art - it is all around you. I want to emphasize Los Angeles though because all of those aspects are abundant here.

Are there any artists you’re inspired by?

Yes: There are many, but in particular, Matisse, Pollack, Candinsky, and Wayne Thiebaud.

They all paint in different styles, but their commonality is their unique use of color. Tell us about your routine behind creating art? Usually, I get an idea and I try to implement it on the canvas - but of course in the process of doing it, the idea starts to develop and takes on a life of its own. I follow where that leads me. The process differs depending on what theme I’m working on. Figurative work is one thing, abstract is another, and the 3-D pieces are its own as well. Generally, I like to experiment with material. For this show I worked with paint and how it can be applied in different ways to create texture and movement without being flat. 

When did you know that you had a special gift for painting/creating your art?
 I think everyone has a gift in some way that can be developed. I was interested in art, for as long as I can remember. I would make drawings for other kids in exchange for my homework in elementary school. I just feel like I am home when I paint. It has become therapeutic for me.

Tell us about your Bonbon Romantique series that currently is on show at The Mondrian HotelAlthough there are different themes, the pieces have this candy-like quality to them. I experimented with a range of nacreous colors using 3-d textures. The monochromes are more soothing, but the three-dimensional nature still gives them movement, which I love. On the other pieces, I merged the idea of texture with color to create movement within a multicolored plane. I am excited to have these paintings up in such a special space. The Magic Box is a unique way of showing art.